Saturday, September 1, 2007

Senator Widestance Resigns

Larry Craig did the right thing by resigning this morning in Boise. I unequivocally think that that is what he should have done. His hypocrisy still astounds me. However, I think that Senate Republican caucus should examine its larger contradiction in this sense: Larry Craig cruised a restroom, got caught, and covered it up. David Vitter patronized prostitutes in Washington, got caught, and was applauded (literally) at the next Tuesday meeting of the GOP caucus. Amazing.

CNN wrap

Friday, August 31, 2007

NASCAR Roundup - Busch on Pole

Kurt Busch beat Jimmie Johnson for the pole position at California speedway this afternoon. This is Kurt's third (correction: first) pole for the year.

Complete Lineup for Sunday's Cup event: Here

Practice speeds

Warner (R-VA) will not run in 2008

A stunning pickup opportunity for Democrats. Run, Mark, run!

Link - Brietbart

Sen. Craig to Resign Saturday

Larry Craig will resign his Senate seat tomorrow. This is the decent thing to do, and he should have done it days ago.


Thursday, August 30, 2007

Picks for Fontana

Winner- Jimmie Johnson - 48 (Ugh. I imagine that he has spent his share of time in the Minneapolis airport restroom.)

17 Kenseth
99 Edwards
2 Kurt Busch
31 Jeff Burton
11 Hamlin
20 Stewart
24 Gordon
5 KY Busch
41 Sorenson

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

McCain: Sen. Craig should Resign

Headlined on Drudge, John McCain is calling on Larry Craig to resign his Senate seat. So is Norm Coleman. These are Republicans.

He is stepping downas Ranking Member of the VA committee.

Does anyone seriously believe Craig will not resign, sooner rather than later? Idaho is a conservative state. If he were to run for re-election, Idaho would get its first Democratic Senator since Frank Church. If he stays but doesn't resign, he is perhaps an insurmountable albatross for the eventual GOP nominee. If he resigns, Gov. Otter, a Republican, nominates a stopgap successor, and that person becomes the prohibitive favorite for election to a full term next year. I would like to see a Democratic Senator from Idaho, but if Craig leaves, that remote possibility becomes remoter, so to speak.

Wed Nascar Roundup finally gives Kurt Busch some respect; he's up to #2 in the power rankings. Here.

Chase competition boring this season, says ESPN.

Fontana power rankings- ESPN

Monday, August 27, 2007

Fat Gonzo resigns

Way past time. I hope that the next attorney general is acquainted with, you know, the law and basic, cherished Constitutional rights. I also hope that he will not purjure himself regularly.

Politico wrap.

As John Edwards said about Karl Rove:

Goodbye, good riddance.

GOP Senator Arrested: Solicited Cop in Airport

Sen. Larry Craig (R and Hypocrite-ID) was arrested for solicitation of a male officer in a bathroom in the Twin Cities' airport in June. He was sentenced to a $500 fine, 10 days in jail (suspended) and probation. Will the crime sink him in Idaho (probably) or will the pushback on the 2 month coverup be enough to force an early resignation. He was already a likely retirement.

Hometown reaction - Idaho Statesman

Court papers here. (ABC)

Larry Craig wikipedia entry.

Powerline (right wing blog) entry...creative. HA!

Anti-homosexual rights press release from Craig last year. Also voted for DOMA and has been a constant antagonist for equal rights for gays.

Romney campaign fires Craig as co-chair.

I think we know why this man is smiling.

Seriously, I hate for anyone to go through pain or humiliation, but the hypocrisy is astounding.

NASCAR: Odds and Ends

Chase field pretty much set - - McCarthy


Or not. But Penske is running well. Rodman @

Hendrick to buy 38 from Robert Yates Racing - combo of the 3 and the 8 - for Dale Jr.

Pre-Pocono, Dale Jr. claimed that he was "better" than Kurt Busch, better than Truex, and better than Newman- the guys he was competing against for the final berth in the Nextel Cup chase. Now he's talking about life not making the chase, almost a mathematical certainty. Pride goeth before the fall...

Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Shame of the Democratic National Committee

The decision of the DNC to strip Florida of its delegates to the convention next year is a rediculous, nose-to-spite-face move. In the early part of the year, political pundits were correctly lauding Democrats for making two smart moves to increase its chances in the general election.

1. Holding an early caucus in Nevada.
2. Holding the Democratic National Convention in Colorado.

These moves increase exposure for Democratic candidates in swing, purplish states. An early primary in Florida does the same thing. And, it is worth noting, Florida is ground zero in Presidential elections. Positive candidate exposure and early involvement of the electorate can only help in the fall campaign. To punish the state of Florida for holding an early primary is stupidity, proving that you can be right and ignorant at the same time.

Shame. I would argue that the utility of the New Hampshire primary and the Iowa caucuses has faded. In the age of the Internet, I can follow the campaign in depth myself and need not rely on the voters of two of the most homogeneous states in the country to do it for me. It is time for a new primary system. Florida need not be punished for wanting to have a voice in picking nominees. This is an outrage.

Backflips: Edwards Wins in Bristol

Carl Edwards logged his first non-cookie cutter NNCS win last night. Kasey Kahne oddly dominated most of the race, but Edwards had the car to beat for the last half, and no one did.

Top Ten-

Busch, Ku
Busch, Ky

The race for the Chase remains static. Earnhardt picked up 5 points on Busch, not nearly what he needed. Kurt has closed in. He, Truex and Harvick are all within 10 points of one another.

Results- Sharpie 500

Chase update from ESPN

I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who thought so....ESPN columnist agrees that track resurfacing at Bristol made the race extraordinarily boring.

Regardless of point standings, if the Chase started today these would be the point standings as of New Hampshire:

Gordon (5040)
Johnson (5040)

Stewart (5030)

Busch, Ku. (5020)
Edwards (5020)

Burton (5010)
Busch, Ky. (5010)
Hamlin (5010)
Harvick (5010)
Kenseth (5010)
Truex (5010)

Bowyer (5000)