Monday, August 27, 2007

GOP Senator Arrested: Solicited Cop in Airport

Sen. Larry Craig (R and Hypocrite-ID) was arrested for solicitation of a male officer in a bathroom in the Twin Cities' airport in June. He was sentenced to a $500 fine, 10 days in jail (suspended) and probation. Will the crime sink him in Idaho (probably) or will the pushback on the 2 month coverup be enough to force an early resignation. He was already a likely retirement.

Hometown reaction - Idaho Statesman

Court papers here. (ABC)

Larry Craig wikipedia entry.

Powerline (right wing blog) entry...creative. HA!

Anti-homosexual rights press release from Craig last year. Also voted for DOMA and has been a constant antagonist for equal rights for gays.

Romney campaign fires Craig as co-chair.

I think we know why this man is smiling.

Seriously, I hate for anyone to go through pain or humiliation, but the hypocrisy is astounding.

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