Wednesday, August 29, 2007

McCain: Sen. Craig should Resign

Headlined on Drudge, John McCain is calling on Larry Craig to resign his Senate seat. So is Norm Coleman. These are Republicans.

He is stepping downas Ranking Member of the VA committee.

Does anyone seriously believe Craig will not resign, sooner rather than later? Idaho is a conservative state. If he were to run for re-election, Idaho would get its first Democratic Senator since Frank Church. If he stays but doesn't resign, he is perhaps an insurmountable albatross for the eventual GOP nominee. If he resigns, Gov. Otter, a Republican, nominates a stopgap successor, and that person becomes the prohibitive favorite for election to a full term next year. I would like to see a Democratic Senator from Idaho, but if Craig leaves, that remote possibility becomes remoter, so to speak.

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