Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Shame of the Democratic National Committee

The decision of the DNC to strip Florida of its delegates to the convention next year is a rediculous, nose-to-spite-face move. In the early part of the year, political pundits were correctly lauding Democrats for making two smart moves to increase its chances in the general election.

1. Holding an early caucus in Nevada.
2. Holding the Democratic National Convention in Colorado.

These moves increase exposure for Democratic candidates in swing, purplish states. An early primary in Florida does the same thing. And, it is worth noting, Florida is ground zero in Presidential elections. Positive candidate exposure and early involvement of the electorate can only help in the fall campaign. To punish the state of Florida for holding an early primary is stupidity, proving that you can be right and ignorant at the same time.

Shame. I would argue that the utility of the New Hampshire primary and the Iowa caucuses has faded. In the age of the Internet, I can follow the campaign in depth myself and need not rely on the voters of two of the most homogeneous states in the country to do it for me. It is time for a new primary system. Florida need not be punished for wanting to have a voice in picking nominees. This is an outrage.

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