Saturday, September 29, 2007

Newt: Not Running; Clinton is "Formidable," 2004 Bush Campaign "Cheap"

Newt Gingrich is not running for President in 2008, he announced today.

Also, via RCP and YouTube, a telling interview with Newt in which he claims that Hillary is the "most effective candidate in the race." He disagrees with her views, but says that no one in the Republican race will beat her with "the kind of cheap and nasty campaign that beat John Kerry." Amen.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Bill Clinton: I was More Experienced than Barack Obama

Bill Clinton weighs his experience as Governor of this state before running for President against Sen. Obama. Interesting wrinkle in the experience debate, which Obama is likely to lose.


Thursday, September 27, 2007

$$$ Links

Quarter end is here!

Donate to:

Hillary Clinton for President

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee

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John Edwards Suffers Major Setback

After a summer of bad headlines for Sen. Edwards, including haircuts that cost more than a car payment and the hedge fund foreclosures, the most tangible setback of his campaign occurred today: he is going on the dole--taking public money for his campaign.

Clinton and Obama have eschewed public financing because they can raise more money without it and can spend whatever they want in the early primary states. Edwards had previously said that he would also opt to forgo federal matching funds. This reversal represents a reversal of fortune for the Edwards campaign: it doesn't take much reading between the lines to realize that he is saying that he just can't compete against Sens. Clinton and Obama.

John Edwards thought that he could make it a two-person race against Hillary. He didn't count on the strength and fundraising prowess of Barack Obama. I am no Obama fan but it is clear that when it comes to money, he and Hillary Clinton are in a league beyond Edwards.

Kansas Picks

NASCAR comes to Kansas on Sunday: The LifeLock 400 starts at noon Central Sept. 30th. I will be on a plane to St. Louis, but will hopefully be checked into the hotel in time to see the checkered flag.

Onto my picks!

  1. 17-Kenseth-win

  2. 99-Edwards

  3. 24-Gordon

  4. 20-Stewart

  5. 2- Kurt Busch

  6. 07-Bowyer

  7. 48-JJ

  8. 1-Truex

  9. 01-Martin

  10. 16-Biffle

That's my top 10. We'll see what happens...

FOX poll out: Hillary Leading GOP Contenders

FOX News, even with its conservative bent, is showing Hillary Clinton ahead of all of the leading rivals.

LINK to the poll

Clinton is at:
+6 over Guiliani
+13 over Thompson
+7 over McCain

It is worth noting that Obama does not garner numbers nearly as strong as these. Edwards is not polled.

Debate Reaction

Last night, MSNBC hosted their New Hampshire debate. Lots of media reaction:

WaPo: Obama Pulls Punches

New Republic: Edwards More Agressive

Time (Halperin): Win Goes to Edwards

Yepsen (Des Moines Register) : Not Hillary's Best Debate

Perhaps the silliest commentary of the debate came from preeminent Iowa political pundit and noted Clinton critic David Yepsen, linked above. The key quote of the Yepsen piece:

While the evening couldn't have been pleasant for Clinton, it opened a necessary
discussion Democrats must have: If they don't probe her weaknesses, the
Republicans will.

What a rediculous statement. Of course Democrats, being in the middle of a primary battle, are considering the relative weakenesses and strengths of all candidates. This assumes that frontrunner Clinton has more weaknesses than the other candidates (patently false). David Yepsen aside, Democrats and the broader spectrum of Americans seem to be concluding that she is a better potential President than not only her rivals in the Democratic party, but also better than leading Republicans. Note her margin in polling averages over leading GOP candidates, which has been increasing in recent months.

Hillary did fine. She had the memorable moment of the evening (she'll "talk to [President Clinton] later..."), and the instapolls after the debate, whatever they're worth, indicated that she won. Everyone did basically well. The loser of the debate was probably Obama, because he basically conceded the ground of challenging Hillary Clinton to John Edwards. Obama can have all the money in the world, but if he doesn't make a move soon (probably no later than Halloween) he will be the best funded also-ran in American history. Which is fine with me.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

BREAKING: Sen. Craig to Stay past 9/30

Senator Larry Craig has decided to remain in the U.S. Senate past his self-imposed resignation deadline of September 30th. He's going to wait on the judge to decide...

Craig statement

Debate Tonight New Hampshire. On MSNBC.

Commentary afterward.

Sen. Bayh Endorses Hillary Clinton

In her weightiest endorsement yet, Sen. Evan Bayh of Indiana endorsed Hillary Clinton late last week.

Bayh is a former Indiana governor and a two-term Senator from that deep red state. Figured to be on her VP short list when the time comes to formulate one, he would possibly bring his home state into play, and would help in Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia. Sen. Bayh has appeal and gravitas. He is John Edwards with actual substance. He and Clinton are clearly comfortable with one another.

While it is true that it has been 47 years since two Senators on the same ticket have won, I have for a long time believed that Evan Bayh would be a great running mate for Hillary Clinton. His endorsement was the first step.

Home town coverage: Indianapolis Star
UPDATE (6:41 pm) - I'm not the only one pushing a Clinton / Bayh ticket...Politico from yesterday. (Sorry; still catching up from vacation...)

"I hope and expect some day I'll be voting for Evan Bayh for President of the United States."

- President Bill Clinton
May, 2000