Saturday, October 13, 2007

Clinton Opens Little Rock Office: First Step to Likely Arkansas Win

In a nod to her 12 years as First Lady of Arkansas, Sen. Clinton opened the first campaign office of any candidate in Arkansas on Thursday. A victory by Clinton in our Feb. 5 primary is not in doubt, as Sen. Clinton is remembered fondly by a vast majority of Arkansans. Her Little Rock roots, in particular, are deep. (Link: AP story)

Sen. Clinton has already been endorsed by Governor Mike Beebe. Neither John Kerry nor Al Gore won any southern states in their general election contests against George W. Bush. Sen. Clinton's popularity in Arkansas is another reason for Democrats to choose her to be our nominee: she would be the prohibitive favorite to win our six electoral votes. Arkansas is not a powerhouse in presidential elections, normally. But given the closeness of the last two elections, these six votes are important. It would also be a great victory for a Democrat to win some southern states. If Hillary is the nominee, Arkansas should be blue again. I think that she would also be very competitive in other southern states: Virginia, Florida, and Tennessee immediately come to mind.

Rasmussen (from 8/17): Clinton beats all GOP nominees in AR by a large margin.

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