Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tea and Crumpets with Kim Jong Il

Hillary won the fight with Obama over his comment about diplomacy at the debate the other night. Reasons she won:

*Got a news cycle and a half out of a story that was, at root, negative about Obama.
*Her response at the debate got more play than they otherwise would have. She was measured and mature in her diplomatic approach.
*She showed Sen. Obama that she meant it when she said she would "deck" any opponent who crossed her.
*Neutralized the story that was coming out of the oba-media that he was perceived as the winner in some focus groups. Every story from there on out was about how he made a mess of things with his answer.

I continue to see evidence of the fact that Barack Obama is basically deranged and has a self-perception that is totally out of whack with reality. His comments at the Time Warner deal in NY was the best example to date. He seems to think that he is the best qualified candidate (GOP or Dem) vis-a-vis foreign policy.

This is absurd. He shared a debate stage on Monday night with:

*Joe Biden, who for thirty years has been a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and has been its chair for at least five.
*Bill Richardson, whose negotiating skills are well known.
*Hillary!, who is the most highly traveled first lady in US history, and who, for example, went to Beijing, looked Zhang Zemin in the face and advocated for womens' rights.

You have to shake your head in bemusement.

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