Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Clinton Opens Up Expansive Lead

Wow. The ABC/WaPo poll out today shows a marked improvement over Sen. Clinton previously very solid poll numbers. 33 points is an enormous margin, especially given the relatively strong field she faces as rivals. The nomination is not sewn up for Clinton (after all, no one has voted yet) but a moderate catastrophe would have to occur to get her into very serious trouble.

NH looks great, Iowa looks better now for her than it has in months. Three months is a long time in politics, but it speaks volumes that as the year has progressed, her lead has expanded. Also note that for the first time, her poll result is a majority of respondents, not a plurality. Being over 50% is a huge deal in a multi-candidate field. This result, coupled with Clinton's victory in the third quarter fundraising battle, is great news for the Senator's campaign.

ABC - POLL: Clinton Advances, Strong in Base; Giuliani’s Lead has Less Oomph
The Fix (WaPo) analysis

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