Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Quinnipac Polls: Hillary, Guiliani ahead

Quinnipac released interesting state polls today for Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida. They show large Hillary and Guiliana leads in their respective fights for the nominations of their parties.


There is at least a decent chance that due to SC moving its primary up, the Iowa caucuses will take place in December 2007. I think that this would be great. One way of combatting the inordinate influence of IA and NH would be to space out the primaries, stopping a domino effect. I know most people don't like a protracted nomination fight.

I think the nation has debate fatigue. According to Drudge, less than 1 million people watched the AFL-CIO debate last night.

In a particular blow to the Edwards campaign, the AFL-CIO will not endorse a candidate in the primary election.

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